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Tracy Upton

Tracy UptonOriginally from Atlanta, Georgia, Tracy Upton moved to California, drawn by the natural beauty of the sea and coastal regions. After arriving in California, Tracy spent the next 20 years on a creative journey, steadily improving on the painting techniques that she had acquired during her earlier studies at Princeton University. Eventually, Tracy realized that it was time to share with others what had simply been a private, personal pastime that she had kept largely to herself. Since then, Tracy has not been able to stop sharing, showing her works at BGH Gallery, The Eyebeam Atelier, the Muriel Borris Gallery and the KREISS show rooms.

Tracy's throw pillow collections are based on her original large-scale paintings with variations designed specifically for decorative pillows. The results are wonderful groupings that combine large 26 inch square pillows with smaller 20 inch square and rectangular coordinates. Elegant and true in color to her original paintings, her throw pillows are versatile. Her small scale patterns understate the imagery, enabling them to be worked into almost any decor theme. Tracy's large scale prints, on the other hand, beg to be noticed with all the richness of color and detail of the original canvases.

Tracy’s fascination with seashells was her initial inspiration for venturing into the world of textile design. In decorative fabrics, Tracy saw all the diversity of color, pattern and texture that had for so long been the source of her captivation with shells. Today, Tracy continues to expand her pillow collections, applying her paintings of butterflies, seascapes, and colorful, ocean-inspired abstracts to the decorative throw pillow medium.